Cheery Monday : Christmas in Florida – Part IV

A Key Lime Pie Margarita in Key Largo, Florida. 

I’m a little late with this again, I know… I have completely lost my blogging mojo! Let me know in the comments below if you have experienced this as well and have ideas on how to get back into blogging after a long break. I need to feel excited about blogging again! 
Anywho, whilst I was in Florida for Christmas we took a quick day trip over to Key Largo (one of the Florida Keys -think Key Lime Pie and Key West). It included a surprise stop of at Krispy Kreme for freshly baked doughnuts, some spontaneous kayaking (although I don’t have pictures of this it was such a surprise), and some exotic food! Cue the photos…
We set off for Key Largo early one morning, without much planned. All we knew is that we wanted to go walking in some national parks and of a restaurant where they served Lionfish, which is a pest in Florida waters that is deadly if not prepared and cooked correctly. However, after only 30 minutes of driving away from home I spotted a “Hot Dougnuts” sign at Krispy Kremes and my Dad pulled over immediately. 

Turns out Michael had never had a fresh and hot Krispy Kreme doughnut! But what’s even better, whilst waiting in line a kind stranger handed us a coupon for Buy One Get One Free box of dozen doughnuts… so we got 24 doughnuts to share between, Michael, my brother, Mom, Dad, and me! Holy Moly, we hit the The Holy Grail! 


Whoops, I might have drooled again. 

I promise you they were even better than they looked! 

At the national park in Key Largo, they had a building with aquariums of some of the local fish, and tons of information on the park and wildlife. This included some of these cuties! 


Aaaaand this is a Lionfish! The little bugger eats all the other fish in Florida waters and are highly venomous so have no known predators. They are destroying so much of the local wildlife that it is encouraged for people to fish them if they are are able to, and even restaurants in the Keys that are experienced in preparing and cooking the fish safely will cook your caught fish for you. Usually they are trapped in lobster traps, apparently. 

After our little stop off, we headed out into the Florida forest for a short walk, which was nice but not as interesting as we had hoped. Instead of continuing for a longer walk with more mosquitoes, we suddenly decided to go kayaking! We were so unprepared I was wearing a dress -which is really uncomfortable under a lifejacket! Luckily I know my family enough to always throw a bikini in my bag though! Michael and I actually got stuck in a tight spot and capsized! Michael is not a swimmer, so I had to help him back into the boat and dive down to find my sunglasses and the map (Michael spotted it for me). Go teamwork! 

After our mini adventure, we headed to restaurant that could serve us up some Lionfish. Famished, we were the first ones in the restaurant and immediately ordered some margaritas. 

Key Lime Pie margaritas to be exact! 

The Lionfish doesn’t look much different from other white fish, but cooked correctly it tastes so buttery and wonderful it was worth the the trip! Although that might have been some of the margaritas talking… 

My brother, Jeremy, fed and happy.

The best type of scenery after a long day. 

My darling Mommy! 

Our little restaurant -I highly recommend it! 

Time to head home through the festive walkway in the weirdest place to be for Christmas ever! I loved every second of it! 


Cheery Monday: Fort Lauderdale Christmas 2013 – Part III

Christmas day in Florida.

A belated follow up to what I did in Florida over Christmas. I really need to get back into blogging! This is a picspam of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
The turkeys are humongous in the USA! 

Christmas eve dinner table.

Even the birds wanted to join in!

Our canapés. 

European sausages (boudin blanc and boudin noir).

Christmas pudding.

Christmas Day itself. 

The aftermath of presents on Christmas morning.

Christmas breakfast, Florida style!


Deep fried turkey for lunch at my aunt’s.

Surprisingly moist!

Pineapple salsa, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole.
My aunt’s neighbour’s house. 

Another neighbour’s house..

Outlandish house #1 on our way home.

Outlandish house #2 on our way home.



Cheery Monday: Fort Lauderdale Christmas 2013 – Part II

Fort Lauderdale’s neighbourhoods all decked out at Christmas time.
Part II in the Fort Lauderdale at Christmas time, which is long overdue. Have fun looking through all the photos from my family’s drive around all the neighbourhoods with all their Christmas finery!

Beauty Basics: Herbal Essences Shine Collection Brillance Shampoo

You’ve probably already heard by now that Herbal Essences have brought back their original shampoos and conditioners, and I picked up my bottle of their Shine Collection Brillance Shampoo back when I was in Florida. I’ve been using it ever since!

Although I did rave a couple of months ago about my favourite Lush shampoo combinations, I found that duo not only expensive but still a bit too harsh on my scalp so I gave up trying to avoid sulphates for now and went for an old favourite. I adored this shampoo back when I was a teenager, and its reemergence did not disappoint. A cult product, it is well known for being gently cleansing and removes product build-up like a dream. The intoxicating scent of flowers is just a bonus! So if you’re looking for a new shampoo, I highly recommend it.


Cheery Monday: Fort Lauderdale Christmas 2013 – Part I

Fort Lauderdale beach in December 2013.

I’m not dead, hooray! In fact, not even close. I’m still studying and trying to juggle all the basics (working, cleaning, staying healthy, speaking to friends, etc.) It’s been a hard couple of months, but it should all be over soon, hopefully. Anyway, I have a blog post for you today! I know, right? Shocker! This is Part I of my trip to Florida for Christmas and New Year’s. It was a lot of fun reminiscing on the beach and sunshine!

First thing we did when we got to Florida was go pick out Christmas tree and decorate it! I haven’t had a real tree since I was about 6 years old… I was a little excited to say the least. 

The tree was too big for the car, so they put hazard warnings on it so we could drive home with the trunk open. Oh, the things we do for Christmas! 

My boyfriend Michael and my brother bringing the tree. 

The tree all lit up.

All my presents for my family under the tree. 

My stocking my Grandma cross-stitched for me when I was a baby. Every one in the family has their own that she made for them, it’s a family tradition.

The model train at Aventura mall in Florida, which includes elements of Florida and the mall itself. 

We had to let Michael have his proper American diner experience. 

…complete with chocolate milkshake…

…bacon, pancakes, and fake maple syrup! 

Oh, Fort Lauderdale! Can you believe my parents live only 5 minutes away from this? I still don’t.

Yep, that’s my kind of life. 

Mom has a bodyguard that likes to protect the car… can you spot him?


Christmas Giveaway Winner!

I was meant to pick a winner and post the results of the Christmas Giveaway AGES ago! But I got so distracted with studying for my exams that I kept putting it off, and then time just flew by… which is why I feel so bad, that I am going to increase the ultimate prize to 12 Months 350×350 Free Advertising on the blog
….And the winner is Jessica! Congratulations honey! 


Guest Post: Packing My Personal Makeup Bag

 Packing My Personal
Make Up Bag

Because I am currently on hiatus, studying to pass some exams for work, I have arranged for my Makeup-Artist friend Calico from Off To Join The Circus to write about what’s in her personal makeup bag: 

This week I am working
away from home, as a wig swing on The Book of Mormon in London’s West End (which you can read all about here). I
have to be honest and make a slight confession – I am a lazy packer. I will
always try and pack as lightly as possible, purely for the fact that I cannot
be bothered to schlep heavy bags on the tube (one of my all time most dreaded
scenarios is bulky bags on a busy tube – *shudder*)
Despite being a make
up artist, my own personal make up bag is quite simple (ish), and I thought I
would share with you what I brought for my week of work in London.
I only really need one
primer with me, and that’s Benefit’s The Porefessional. If I had a big night
out planned I might bring something extra, such as Smashbox’s Photo Finish, but
I am at work every evening so no such fun for me!
Whenever I am away I
always bring my three most trusted concealers; NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in
Custard for undereye circles, MAC’s Studio Finish concealer in NW20 for
blemishes and Make Up Forever’s Full Cover concealer, for any hardcore blemish emergencies.

Keeping it nice and
simple I have only brought two foundations, both firm favourites of mine.
Bourjois Healthy Mix in 52 Vanilla is perfect for everyday work use. I have
plans to meet a friend for lunch one day and will use Yves Saint Laurent Le
Teint Touche Eclat in BR40 for that day, as I’d like to look a little more
polished.  The only powder I have brought
is my trusty MAC Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder.
I think I have my
bases covered (pardon the pun, unintended!) with one pink toned blush,
Collection 2000’s Shimmer Shades in 2 Blushalicious, and one more golden/brown
shade, MAC’s Warm Soul Mineralize blush. I will probably not use a highlighter
on a day to day basis but for my lunch date I might pop on some MAC Soft &
Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish to give my skin a gorgeous glow.

I’m keeping the
options for my eyes open with my MAC Neutrals palette, as there are so many
combinations I can do using these beautiful shades, and all in a slimline case.
Travelling heaven! I have been more strict with other eye products though and
only brought one eyeliner, MAC’s coffee pencil, and one mascara, Maybelline The
Falsies. Not forgetting my trusted Shu Uemura eyelash curlers of course!
When travelling and
tight for space, I think lip products are a fantastic way of  changing your look up, whilst ensuring that
you keep your make up bag light. With me on this trip are By Terry’s Baume de
Rose, Rimmel’s Moisture Renew lipstick in Let’s Get Naked (a gorgeous easy to
wear nude), Maybelline’s Baby Lips in Cherry Me (low maintenance lip balm with
a sheer wash of red, for subtle relaxed colour) and NARS’ Velvet Matte Lip
Pencil in Red Square for a red lip day.
The last thing I
popped into my make up bag was my current perfume of choice, Jo Malone’s
Blackberry & Bay.

If you want to check it out, I have uploaded a video on my YouTube channel of a tutorial using these products:

If you were short on
space, what would be your must-pack beauty products?

Guest Post: Working as a West-End Wiggie

Photo directly from The Book of Mormon website.
Because I am currently on hiatus, studying to pass some exams for work, I have arranged for my friend Calico from Off To Join The Circus to write about her time working backstage at The Book of Mormon in London’s West End! I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did: 
When I used to dream about becoming a make
up artist I thought of all of the typical things that come to mind with that
job – studios and catwalks and film trailers, oh my! I didn’t ever think that
after training as a make up artist my heart would lie in theatre.
For anyone who has not read my blog before,
I had a major career change last year and re-trained as a hair and make up
artist at Delamar Academy. They give you comprehensive training to enable to
you to work in any aspect of the industry, including fashion make up, bridal,
hair styling, prosthetics, special effects and also wigs. Wigs was something
that sounded pretty cool but not an area that I ever thought I would want to
work in.
However, since my training at Delamar ended
in July last year, most of my work experience has been in theatres. I don’t
seem to be able to get enough of the buzz that comes from working in live
theatre. You can feel the excitement of the audience from the wings, and the
adrenaline rush that the cast and crew experience is addictive. Unlike film and
tv work, you are on the go from the moment you walk in the door to the minute
you leave. It is exhausting! But so exciting. And I thought today I would share
a little with you about what my working life in a theatre is like.
Photo directly from The Book of Mormon website.
I work as a wig swing at The Book of
Mormon, the West End musical currently showing at the Prince of Wales theatre
in London. Being a wig swing means that I am not there full time, but cover
holidays and sickness for the full time team. This suits me brilliantly, as it
allows me to do some tv and fashion work, whilst still regularly getting to be
backstage in a theatre!  It is this
variety that I love about the industry.
On the days and evenings that I am working
on the show I tend to get there at around 6pm. I help with any tidying that
needs doing in the wig room and go through the lists of who is performing which
character for that performance. The show is on 6 days (8 shows) a week, with
only Christmas Day off for the rest of the year.  Every cast member needs holidays so there is
lots of chopping and changing of roles. As the wigs are all made to fit the
individual, this means lots of different wigs being used from performance to
performance too!
Half an hour before the show starts we
receive the half hour call, and I make my way up five flights of stairs with a
basket full of wigs, to the dressing rooms. I prep the hair of some of the
girls so that their own natural hair is as flat as possible against their heads
ready for the wigs to fit over the top. Then the wigs are put on and pinned as
securely as possible. There is lots of dancing in the show and the last thing
we want is for a wig to come off on stage! (I’m trembling just thinking about
When we receive the 5 minutes to showtime
call it’s time to dash down to stage right, where I take my position in the
wings. My first task is to remove the wig from a male actor as he comes off the
stage about 30 seconds into the performance. 
From this point on, I am back and forth from stage right to the wig
room, back to stage right, into a dressing area, backstage, back to stage right
again and so on. In each area there is a different task to do. I’m either
removing a wig, or putting one on. 
The most nerve wrecking are the quick changes.
This is when an actor has a very short space of time (sometimes as little as a
minute!) from when they come off stage to get completely changed and get back
onto the stage. When this also involves a wig change it is all hands on deck
and there are very often several dressers as well as a wiggie who are helping
the actor make it back onto stage on time. In my role on the Book of Mormon, I
have one quick change, and although we have the luxury of having a few minutes,
the actress must get from traditional African dress including a wig, headdress
and full face paint, into an entirely different outfit with a new wig. This
means that the dresser is helping to change her shoes, whilst she is removing
her make up, whilst I am taking all the pins out of the first wig to remove it
and then pinning on the second wig. Very often, I am still pinning in the wig
running alongside her as she makes her way back into the wings. It’s so strange
that sometimes it goes seamlessly, and sometimes we are a bit tight for time, but
we ALWAYS make it J
Photo directly from The Book of Mormon website.
The show goes by in a flash. We are even
busy during the interval. While the audience are picking up their half time
drinks from the bar and chatting about the first Act, we are taking advantage
of the time by getting the whole cast into their starting Act 2 wigs. The
madness continues through Act 2, and by the end of the performance I am glad to
be able to sit down for a minute! Before we go home we make sure that the wigs
are all back on their blocks and secure. We tidy up any of the wigs that need
it and get the room ready for the next day. 
Actually, normally at this point we also have a glass of wine too!
Being new to the industry I was so grateful
to be given this job. It has been a fascinating insight into the world of wigs
and has taught me that I definitely love the atmosphere in a live theatre. I
haven’t mentioned much about the show itself but despite being maybe a tiny bit
biased it really is an incredible show! I have made some lovely friends there
and can’t wait to go back for my next stint there in two weeks.
Have any of you seen The Book of Mormon?
What did you think?!


Be right back…

This month I am studying to gain a qualification for work, so I am going to be going on hiatus until mid-february. I thought I might be able to blog on Mondays and Wednesdays during that time, but I haven’t had any time to blog at all in January yet. I am going to try to organise some guest posts for you, but if not see you in February! Lots of love xxx


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