Cheery Monday : Christmas in Florida - Part IV

A Key Lime Pie Margarita in Key Largo, Florida. 

I'm a little late with this again, I know... I have completely lost my blogging mojo! Let me know in the comments below if you have experienced this as well and have ideas on how to get back into blogging after a long break. I need to feel excited about blogging again! 

Anywho, whilst I was in Florida for Christmas we took a quick day trip over to Key Largo (one of the Florida Keys -think Key Lime Pie and Key West). It included a surprise stop of at Krispy Kreme for freshly baked doughnuts, some spontaneous kayaking (although I don't have pictures of this it was such a surprise), and some exotic food! Cue the photos...

We set off for Key Largo early one morning, without much planned. All we knew is that we wanted to go walking in some national parks and of a restaurant where they served Lionfish, which is a pest in Florida waters that is deadly if not prepared and cooked correctly. However, after only 30 minutes of driving away from home I spotted a "Hot Dougnuts" sign at Krispy Kremes and my Dad pulled over immediately. 

Turns out Michael had never had a fresh and hot Krispy Kreme doughnut! But what's even better, whilst waiting in line a kind stranger handed us a coupon for Buy One Get One Free box of dozen doughnuts... so we got 24 doughnuts to share between, Michael, my brother, Mom, Dad, and me! Holy Moly, we hit the The Holy Grail! 


Whoops, I might have drooled again. 

I promise you they were even better than they looked! 

At the national park in Key Largo, they had a building with aquariums of some of the local fish, and tons of information on the park and wildlife. This included some of these cuties! 


Aaaaand this is a Lionfish! The little bugger eats all the other fish in Florida waters and are highly venomous so have no known predators. They are destroying so much of the local wildlife that it is encouraged for people to fish them if they are are able to, and even restaurants in the Keys that are experienced in preparing and cooking the fish safely will cook your caught fish for you. Usually they are trapped in lobster traps, apparently. 

After our little stop off, we headed out into the Florida forest for a short walk, which was nice but not as interesting as we had hoped. Instead of continuing for a longer walk with more mosquitoes, we suddenly decided to go kayaking! We were so unprepared I was wearing a dress -which is really uncomfortable under a lifejacket! Luckily I know my family enough to always throw a bikini in my bag though! Michael and I actually got stuck in a tight spot and capsized! Michael is not a swimmer, so I had to help him back into the boat and dive down to find my sunglasses and the map (Michael spotted it for me). Go teamwork! 

After our mini adventure, we headed to restaurant that could serve us up some Lionfish. Famished, we were the first ones in the restaurant and immediately ordered some margaritas. 

Key Lime Pie margaritas to be exact! 

The Lionfish doesn't look much different from other white fish, but cooked correctly it tastes so buttery and wonderful it was worth the the trip! Although that might have been some of the margaritas talking... 

My brother, Jeremy, fed and happy.

The best type of scenery after a long day. 

My darling Mommy! 

Our little restaurant -I highly recommend it! 

Time to head home through the festive walkway in the weirdest place to be for Christmas ever! I loved every second of it! 


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Cheery Monday: Fort Lauderdale Christmas 2013 - Part III

Christmas day in Florida.

A belated follow up to what I did in Florida over Christmas. I really need to get back into blogging! This is a picspam of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

The turkeys are humongous in the USA! 

Christmas eve dinner table.

Even the birds wanted to join in!

Our canapés. 

European sausages (boudin blanc and boudin noir).

Christmas pudding.

Christmas Day itself. 

The aftermath of presents on Christmas morning.

Christmas breakfast, Florida style!


Deep fried turkey for lunch at my aunt's.

Surprisingly moist!

Pineapple salsa, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole.

My aunt's neighbour's house. 

Another neighbour's house..

Outlandish house #1 on our way home.

Outlandish house #2 on our way home.


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Cheery Monday: Fort Lauderdale Christmas 2013 - Part II

Fort Lauderdale's neighbourhoods all decked out at Christmas time.

Part II in the Fort Lauderdale at Christmas time, which is long overdue. Have fun looking through all the photos from my family's drive around all the neighbourhoods with all their Christmas finery!

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